Guided Meditation

To say they (Guided meditation classes) have changed me for the positive is an understatement. 

The sessions with Ciara have changed my whole outlook on life. I’m a happier, calmer and a more content person because of them. 



One on One Sessions

One on one sessions using guided meditation and visualization techniques are available.


Wellbeing benefits such as reducing stress, controlling anxiety, an increase in concentration and focus. Feeling more calm, confident, creative and positive. Being better able to relax, rejuvenate. Being able to sleep better. Increase in resilience to everyday stressors.


Your core values & the underlying motivations that drive you (this will help you focus on what’s really important!)

The limitations and blockages (usually stemming from unhealthy beliefs and patterns) that prevent you from achieving your goals


Creative problem-solving techniques for life and business



Guided Meditation Classes & Workshops

If you would like Ciara Josephine to facilitate a guided meditation session or workshop for your organization please get in touch.

Areas include:

Cultivating Creativity & Innovation

Wellbeing: Revive, Relax & Rejuvenate

Self Care & Personal Empowerment



Ciara Josephine Kennedy 

Ciara Josephine has been running guided meditation classes, workshops and one on one sessions for over seven years. Ciara has held meditation classes and workshops for youth communities, corporates, adults and children. She most recently carried out three seven-week meditation programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is a qualified Transform Your Life Teacher which focuses on personal development using guided visualisation and meditation. She holds numerous other qualifications in holistic therapy. Ciara had her own wellbeing center on Anglesea Street, Cork 2011/12, from where she held guided meditation classes and workshops. 

Ciara recently graduated from Ignite UCC, where she spent twelve months developing her EdTech product in a high-intensity, University led, incubation center. AnimaVenture is an immersive story game application that invites the reader to become a co-author through embarking on meditative journeys through nature. The story game comes with an educational solution teaching skills in creativity, innovation, and wellbeing motivating young people to ‘imagine, create and collaborate’ on behalf of the environment, together.

In 2017 Ciara was chosen for Peace Action Co-operation in Europe, in which she was brought to Georgia and Poland being trained as a designer of peace education specifically focusing on inner and environmental wellbeing.

Ciara has traveled the world studying with Masters and Elders seeking inspiration from our ancient cultures for routes to restoring environmental and inner wellbeing. Her travels have taken her from sipping tea with Taoist Masters on Mountains in China to attending Native American ceremonies with a Wolf Clan Tribe in Canada, to sleeping in the desert in the Middle East. These real-life journeys have inspired the AnimaVenture meditative journeys through nature. Ciara shares the wisdom gathered from these journeys in her guided meditation classes. 

Ciara completed a Masters in Digital Arts & Humanities achieving a (1H) in which she researched the progressive educational theories that underpin AnimaVenture, a key focus being transformative learning using emerging technologies and flow theory.




Transform Your Life Teacher Training. Grade: Distinction. (Qualified 2010) D.C. Foundation. Transform Your Life Teacher Training consists of 9 days and 60 teaching hours. Core Content & Modules Include: Personal development and preparation. Looking in – exploring and transforming my beliefs. Looking outwards – how I create my own reality. Learning and teaching skills. Creating a safe environment. Preparing meditations and visualizations. Setting up activities. Preparing and running workshops.  

Ciara is a qualified educator (Cambridge CELTA) and trainer (Fetac Level 6 Professional Trainer) with extensive experience in lesson plan design and delivery, classroom management, and evaluation.

Please find a link to my resume.

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