The Nutella Effect

“Artworks have become merchandise, products that are meant to be purchased and consumed, just like Nutella. A sad realistic and nihilistic view of art today.

There is no hope.

Let’s destroy ourselves.”


From reviewing the responses of others who experienced the art exhibition at the Gluxman Gallery in UCC I felt slightly more hopeful for the future of our world. At least others can see the absolute delusion in creating a wall of Nutella and calling it ‘art’.


My first response when seeing the work of Rentmeister was nothing. This feeling of ‘nothingness’ slowly transformed into a deep questioning of what is the point?


I quickly realized the wall of Nutella was evoking a response, but truly for all the wrong reasons. Being an art lover, I appreciate skill, intelligence, beauty, creativity, passion and so forth, all of which this wall of product, that some refer to as ‘The Rebirth of Modernism’, is not!



What irritated me even more was how this piece of food spread on cardboard was generating the most attention, excitement even. There were so many other truly remarkable, intelligent and skilled pieces of artwork, yet most conversations and reflections centered around the ‘joke’ piece. I couldn’t be fully present to any discussion because like Marina Abramovics words in ‘The Onion’ “I am tired of .. standing around with a glass of plain water, pretending that I am interested in conversation.”


For me this happening in Gluxman Gallery is a smaller bubble reflecting our larger society. There are so many beautiful things happening in the world, yet like the effect the Nutella had in the Gluxman, the majority of conversations focus on the ‘joke’ news. I don’t even need to mention to whom or what I am referring to here.


To highlight some of the ‘real’ art, my favorite piece was “The Domestic Godless guide to the Philosophical Intestine” This piece explores the brain-gut interface and in my opinion really fit with and complimented the overall theme – Gut Instinct.

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