Before I started using Ciara Josephine’s creative meditation program ‘Insight’ I was looking for a solution to keep my mind under control.
Starting a business is daunting, stressful and testing. You regularly are met with uncertainty, insecurity and doubt.
With Ciara Josephine’s program I felt like I had an arsenal of weapons to combat lack of direction & clarity around the decisions I had to make. I’m delighted I came across this as it gives me the power to keep going even when I’ve slowed down. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good relationship with their mind and their business.
Ciara Josephine, you have no idea how much this has helped me out!

Stephen Wilson

CEO, AIP Technology

Ciara Josephine’s program ‘Insight’ made me visualise and realise the potential that my inner confidence can reach.
It gave me a lot of clarity around my business goals, and with that clarity around the steps that I need to to take to action these goals in the most effective way.
I frequently return to different ones as and when I need them. I always feel amazing afterwards. Completely lit up by the process. This is a very powerful program and I would definitely recommend it.
Matt Sandrini

Best Selling Author; Invest Your Time

Ciara’s sessions are truly amazing. I am very grateful for the work Ciara has
done with me; the experience that I have felt after has had a surreal effect on me and my life. I feel happier and healthier. Thank you Ciara for caring and for sharing your great inner wisdom.

Joyce O’Keeffe

The peaceful and relaxed state I occupied after my session with Ciara was both wonderful and a reflection of her personality and workspace
Stann Notte

I felt there was a dark cloud over my head all the time, and I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. After the sessions (with Ciara Josephine) I can say it had been at lest 8 years since I last felt this way, having a positive out look on life .. I am so happy my path in life took me to Ciara, I only can say thank you.
Zeina Sabra

My name is Robert, my story started years ago after an accident, I was in coma, once I was out of coma I couldn’t move I only could move my eyes, and I lost my memory.
After some time I recovered but I never got my memory back, …I couldn’t sleep and I was always tired,.. I was depressed couldn’t face people and locked my self away, I don’t go out, it took great effort to go out for university and after that for work, I reached rock bottom, I got suicidal.
I searched for help and traveled all over Jordan and then to Morocco with no results.
One day my best friend told me about Ciara, .. I contacted Ciara and arranged for my first session, I met the lady and she listened to every thing I said and addressed all my concerns and she began the sessions.
After the sessions I never felt better I am a new person. My life has changed, I have no words to describe how good I feel.
I can go out and meet people. I am better at my work. I feel alive again.
Robert Sabra

Ciara’s program enabled me, someone who normally struggles with visualisation to really come to terms with the practice.
I felt more relaxed, I had a lot more clarity. I would definitely recommend this, and I myself will be doing it again.

Founder My Cafe

I choose to learn from the best. Ciara was recommended to me from someone that I trusted. She is a very humble and passionate about her teaching, and teaches from personal experience.. What and how she teaches will help and improve your skills and will inspire you.. I am blessed that I had the good fortune of meeting Ciara.
Pauline Walsh

Ciara really goes the extra mile, she makes a thorough assessment and gives helpful feedback and insights after the session as well as follow up. I also really felt listened to.

Highly recommended.

Susan Browne

As well as empowering you to find and walk your own path, Ciara will give you the right tools to help with your journey with deep healing meditations and plenty of guidance so you can do this with confidence in your own time at home. Each session is always unique and with the guided meditations I leave the class feeling renewed and even more curious about this absolutely magical world that we live in! You have given me a wonderful gift Ciara, thank you:)
Karen Crotty

I felt total trust in Ciara which was an awesome feeling to say the least. She was very friendly and pleasant, I was totally at ease with her.
As far as the session itself was concerned, it was immensely intense and I felt that something big was taking place. I felt as if finally I had found the person who could understand me totally and with whom I learn how to liberate myself from constrictive patterns deeply ingrained in my being that made me always give away my personal power and also find myself in the same situations over and over without seeing a way out.
Since that day, my life has changed dramatically for the better. A deep transformation is taking place in my life thanks to Ciaras candid dedication to me.
I cannot recommend her enough to anyone. She is pure magic, love and dedication . . .
Ciara is a Star!
Vasco Lechner

I’m a happier, calmer and a more content person. I cannot thank her (Ciara Josephine) enough and would highly recommend attending one of her workshops.
Louise Quinlan

My meditation sessions have allowed me to see the brighter side of life and life experiences. I absolutely love these sessions.
Susan McCarthy

After the 1st session (with Ciara Josephine) I felt my emotions more strongly than before, I felt that I was less afraid of my fears. I felt like following my intuition, my ability to create my dreams, desires and goals increased. Very powerful! Without any doubt I can say that Ciara’s sessions were the most intense, authentic and powerful, out of any I have experience around the world, including Sri Lanka, India and Ireland. I would highly recommend them.
I am going back to Cork by the end of March, another session with her is the first thing on my to do list. Looking forward to it. šŸ™‚
Michael Husmann

Founder Kadoma

Ciara is a natural and gifted but also highly trained. I have found her sessions instrumental from helping me move away from unhealthy and outdated ways of being and open to my natural gifts.
Ciara sessions are authentic and powerful. These sessions have been life changing and so precise in their effects.
Fergal O'Connor


I have just completed a ten-week course and I loved every minute of it. Ciara is a fantastic teacher and has a unique way of making the course work easy to understand. She is truly an inspiring person, so much so, I have just signed up for my third course with her…. I look forward to working with Ciara again!
Annmarie Keohane

I would describe Ciara Josephine’s program as the Leonardo Da Vinci of Meditation experiences.
Vanessa Sheehan

Senior ESG Consultant, Earth Active Ltd

Working with children

I have 3 very sensitive gentle children who are easily affected by external influences eg. atmospheres in buildings, loud noises, environmental pollutants, certain foods eg. dairy, wheat, many toxins, strong smells, people’s moods. In the past they have found it hard to follow instructions, stay focused and hold concentration. I have worked with Ciara a few times over the last few years to develop different tools and techniques to improve communication and understand things from their perspective. The amazing benefit is that you don’t have to do many sessions with Ciara to introduce simple techniques which bring about profound change and the guidance that she gives is very specific and individual yet can be applied universally to all sensitive children because they are all experiencing similar challenges.

When my little boy started school it was very difficult for him adjusting to a different environment and to be separated a longer day from his main carer, his mother. He experienced challenges with socialising, forming friendships and communicating to others and was very stressed. Ciara advised different ways to communicate with him eg. drawing pictures so he could find a way to express himself to us in his own way. There were other changes we introduced eg. speaking differently in tone and voice and Ciara also advised us on techniques to give him to empower him. At the time this work with Ciara was a lifeline and overall we have happier children because of the insight she has given us.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ciara in her work with children and in fact they would be very lucky to have her. It has been a privilege and a blessing to be assisted by her.

Mother / Client

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