Business Plan Pirouetting


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pirouette |ˌpɪrʊˈɛt|

noun chiefly Ballet

an act of spinning on one foot, typically with the raised foot touching the knee of the supporting leg.

I have always wanted to be a dancer, I couldn’t quite imagine anything more beautiful when I was younger. But I thought life had a different path carved out for me. The path of an Irish wisdom seeking business women. Well a young Irish women intent on being a business woman at least.

So as I realised that rolling out educational technology to nationally empower planetary stewardship amongst the youth community might take a little more dosh than my small pockets could afford and with no immediately recognisable revenue stream I decided to proclaim to my mentor Eamonn that I was going to pivot like a Ballerina for the fourth time on this course.

This course I speak of being the Ignite programme for business innovation in UCC. Eamonn the head of the course was quick to point out two things, firstly when I make my money with a company ‘that works’ I can then talk all I want about ‘Planetary Stewardship’ and secondly Ballerinas don’t pivot, they pirouette!

Pirouette sounded more accurate the moment Eamonn mentioned it, ‘an act of spinning on one foot’.. that’s exactly what the life of a start up entrepreneur feels like I thought… Spinning on one foot, juggling massive visions, lofty dreams, lean canvas models, gigantic revenue streams – whilst hiding unpaid bills.

It’s not all that bad of course, especially when you are blessed to have an opportunity such as ignite.. with a dance teacher like Eamonn who ensures that you dance en pointe. So it seems that my dreams of being a dancer were happening after all, on the floor of a lean canvas model.

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