Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur Finalist 2017 

Meditation Teacher | Former English Teacher | Entrepreneur | Author | Advocate for Environmental Change

MA Digital Arts & Humanities | Cambridge CELTA | BA Advertising, Media & Design Management | Ignite UCC Graduate

Ciara Josephine is the founder of AnimaVenture and Co-founder of Lionheart Gateway, both companies in the start-up phase. 

AnimaVenture is an immersive story game application that invites the reader to become a co-author through embarking on enchanted meditative journeys through nature. The story game comes with an educational solution teaching skills in creativity, innovation, problem solving and wellbeing motivating young people to ‘imagine, create and collaborate’ on behalf of the environment, together.

Ciara recently graduated from Ignite UCC where she spent twelve months developing AnimaVenture in a high-intensity incubation center. During this time Ciara became a finalist in IBYE entering AnimaVenture into the Best Idea’s category. 

In 2017 Ciara was chosen for Peace Action Co-operation in Europe, in which she was brought to Georgia and Poland being trained as a designer of peace education specifically focusing on environmental and inner wellbeing.

Ciara has traveled the world studying with Masters and Elders seeking inspiration from our ancient cultures for AnimaVenture. Her travels have taken her from sipping tea with Taoist Masters on Mountains in China to attending Native American ceremonies with a Wolf Clan Tribe in Canada, to sleeping in the desert in the Middle East. These real-life journeys have inspired the AnimaVenture journeys through nature.

Ciara’s love for ancient wisdom is equally matched by her love for innovation and digital technology. She completed a Masters in Digital Arts & Humanities achieving a (1H) in which she researched gaming for education as well as the progressive educational theories that underpin AnimaVenture including; social constructivism, authentic learning, transformative learning using emerging technologies, situated learning theory, and flow theory. 

Each AnimaVenture offers an enchanted deeply engaging journey through nature instilling inner calm, whilst motivating an attitude shift in which young people choose to create and innovate on behalf of nature.  – As is so beautifully encapsulated by psychologist James Hillman “Anything that’s beautiful, you fall in love with and anything you fall in love with, you want to keep alive. And that solves the ecological problem.. You don’t want to destroy what you love.” 

Lionheart Gateway is a gateway to tours celebrating natures beauty and ancient cultures. Ciara co-founded this with her Chinese business partner Zhan Xiou Yaun, who like Ciara, holds a passion for ancient culture, indigenous wisdom, and nature. Lionheart Gateway is commencing tours in early 2019 bringing Chinese tourists to Ireland for a luxury ‘Kings & Castles’ tour. Zhan Xuan Yuan is an international businessman with offices in Shanghai, NewYork, London, and Toronto.


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